Opinion: No special privileges for Oklahoma tribes
"Tribes collect no sales taxes on items sold from their grocery and convenience stores, or other tribal businesses. They collect about half of normal tobacco taxes from Indian smoke shop sales. Tribal businesses pay no property taxes, the state receives little or nothing from tribal auto tags, and tribes, unlike private businesses, are free to make millions in corporate campaign contributions.

Meanwhile, the tribes reap millions from a state-issued monopoly on casino gambling in Oklahoma because of a 15-year compact that cannot be altered.

These are tax exemptions and breaks that siphon tens of millions of dollars each year from local school districts, city and county governments and our state treasury. Nontribal citizens and businesses are being taxed to make up those losses. In some cases, nontribal businesses are being driven into bankruptcy by the unfair competition made possible by these special privileges."

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Oklahoma Rep. David Dank: Time to restore fairness in dealings (The Oklahoman 2/16)