Letter: Indian students deserve harassment-free UND
"Imagine how it feels to be an American Indian student on campus when the sorority women next door to the Indian Center got into trouble for dressing up like the stereotypical Indians, and yet the school nickname and logo are stereotypical representations of American Indians.

Imagine what it’s like being an American Indian student on the UND campus, where controversy at every level affects them either directly or indirectly most days on campus — and thanks to the efforts of nickname supporters, it also affects their days and their families back home in their tribal communities.

Imagine if American Indian students could come to UND purely to get an education, rather than being linked to an Indian head logo on the ice and splattered everywhere else in the community of Grand Forks.

Imagine what it’s like to be an American Indian student on a campus where the Indian programs too often have taken a second, or third or fourth seat to the REA.

Imagine what it’s like to be an American Indian student at UND when you stand against the freezing cold outside the Englestad Arena to protest the name that brings you so much sadness, anger and distraction, and the UND fans decked out in their Fighting Sioux garb spit at, curse you, and tell you to go back to the reservation."

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Amber Annis: Imagine a UND we all could be proud of (The Grand Forks Herald 2/16)

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