Editorial: Leave mascot disputes up to schools
"Madison should leave these disputes to the schools themselves. Typically they involve American Indian nicknames or logos, and if members of those tribes find them demeaning, they should certainly pressure those schools to change. About 40 Wisconsin schools reportedly have race-based names, and as attitudes evolve the number of “Redskins” and other questionable names will drop further.

However, it’s important to remember some of those schools have the full support of Indian leaders. The Ho-Chunk Nation was involved in the creation of a logo at Wisconsin Dells High School that features a headdress. Should its wishes be flouted because of one person’s beef?

What about the reverse? Surveys have indicated members of tribes are much less passionate about this issue than their leaders.

In other parts of the country, educational institutions have found ways to make the symbols honor tribespeople rather than demean them. The Seminole Tribe has an agreement allowing Florida State University to use its name and accompanying mascot for sporting events.

Ahhh, cooperation ... if only that were visible through those powerful Madison binoculars."

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