Column: Wisconsin tribes seek strong relationships
"This is the fifth year that the Wisconsin Assembly and Senate have met with the tribes of Wisconsin. This is a big step forward for the Legislature, counties and tribes of Wisconsin to dialogue, discuss issues, better understand each other, and build better government-to-government relationships. Breaking down the barriers and generalizations they may have with each other, they better understand through communication.

During Tuesday's address several things came to my mind. First of all, seeing all the veterans representing various tribes who posted the colors showed that although Native Americans are considered a joint collective, each tribe is unique in itself.

Even listening to the various leaders speaking their native tongue shows you how each tribe has its own identity. Listening to Arlyn Ackley Sr. talk to the lawmakers, you hear concerns such as housing, health, jobs and education that are very similar to all tribes."

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Jennifer Stevens: Tribes each have unique identity (The Green Bay Press-Gazette 2/25)