Interview: Secretary Ken Salazar in his own words
"Ken Salazar sounds as though he is still in the honeymoon phase of his job as the Secretary of the Department of the Interior.

"Interior is a great department with great challenges and great opportunities, and it's a joyful journey and this is part of the joyful journey so I'm excited about what we're doing and what we're going to do in the years ahead."

The former Senator from Colorado tells the Federal Drive the immediate issues are challenging: moving forward on an economic recovery, including an increase in staffing; dealing with energy resources on federal lands; the build-out of a national grid; offshore oil rights; and dealing with the high-profile minerals management service.

Less than a month into office, Salazar said the American people lost trust in the department because of ethical lapses and criminal behavior that extended to the highest levels. He tells FederalNewsRadio that he's determined to win that trust back."

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In his own words: Secretary Ken Salazar (FederalNewsRadio.Com 3/3)

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