Duwamish Tribe asks Obama for help with recognition
The Duwamish Tribe of Washington is asking President Barack Obama for help with its federal recognition.

The Bush administration rejected the tribe in 2001. The tribe is now in federal court in hopes of overturning the decision but Chairwoman Cecile Hansen wrote a letter to Obama in hopes of getting some support.

"Today, over 150 years after the treaty was signed, we have yet to receive our reservation that was promised in the treaty, we have yet to receive promised compensation for our ceded lands (54,000 acres encompassing the City of Seattle), we have yet to receive promised educational opportunities and/or medical care for our members," Hansen, the great-great-grand niece of Chief Seattle, wrote in the February 16 letter.

As part of its court case, the tribe is trying to raise $120,000 to hire an anthropologist.

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