Dorgan and McCain: Economic crisis investigation
"More than $9 trillion -- in taxpayer dollars -- has been pledged, committed, lent or spent by the federal government in response to the economic crisis. Some say that if the economy continues to deteriorate, trillions more might be necessary to prevent another Great Depression.

Yet no one has investigated how this crisis happened. That is irresponsible. A comprehensive investigation is essential to prevent this from happening again.

We know how important such investigations can be. Several years ago, as chairman and vice chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, we conducted an extensive bipartisan investigation when reports of possible wrongdoing surfaced concerning lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his cohorts. We hired investigators, issued subpoenas, took testimony and discovered a web of corruption that led to convictions. Abramoff sits in federal prison today.

That sort of investigation is, unfortunately, rare. While oversight and investigation are key responsibilities of the legislative branch, too often the daily demands on overburdened committees push sustained oversight down the list of priorities."

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Byron Dorgan and John McCain: Let's Learn What Caused This Crisis (The Washington Post 3/8)

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