Eunice Davidson: Why I'm fighting for 'Fighting Sioux'
"It is with regret that I feel I must write this letter to the editor. A recent Herald story and the blog of Herald staff writer Tu-Uyen Tran seemed to question my honesty

Our committee of supporters of UND’s Fighting Sioux nickname always has tried to be open and honest. When Tran called me at my home, I told him that our committee was going to have a meeting the following week. I believe I told him that there was a possibility that Sam Dupris was going to be at our meeting, and we see nothing wrong with that.

But the meeting was not about Sam Dupris. It was about how to get the vote out. Also, now that the nickname has been officially put on the ballot, we have received a few donations, and the meeting was about the best way to use the funds.

Tran was invited to our planning meeting, where we discussed certain ways of campaigning and putting out posters, radio, newspaper and TV ads. We also discussed the best way to use our donations. (Our committee has operated on our own personal income and time.)

Tran repeated other people’s claims in his story and blog that we have received funds from the Ralph Engelstad Arena. Not once has our committee ever asked for or received any such funding. Our only request was to hang the flags from both the Spirit Lake and Standing Rock reservations in the arena."

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Eunice Davidson: Saving nickname is enough reward (The Grand Forks Herald 4/16)

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