Editorial: Bigotry an issue for Alaska attorney general pick
"Wayne Anthony Ross cuts a colorful and controversial figure in Alaska. Sarah Palin's choice for attorney general is a man of strong opinions on matters like subsistence hunting and fishing policies, gun rights, abortion and states' rights. He told Alaska legislators that he can put those personal views aside and enforce Alaska law as it is, not as he might wish it to be.

That approach blunted much of the controversy surrounding his nomination.

He could have cleared his way to easy confirmation but for one sad blind spot: He refuses to disavow past use of the term "degenerates" in referring to homosexuals.

Ross has been criticized by Alaska Native groups because he has been an outspoken opponent of giving rural Alaskans a priority for subsistence hunting and fishing. While we disagree with his stance, that is not a litmus test. Arguments over subsistence hunting and fishing rights have raged in Alaska for decades.

Other questions about Ross arose over allegations that long ago, he made remarks that sounded as if he thought domestic violence against one's wife was OK. The allegations are uncorroborated, and Ross denies them. He says he treats women with old-fashioned respect. We have seen no evidence to the contrary."

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