Rob Schmidt: Indian imagery and 'teabagging' protest

"Taking their orders from talk radio, a flock of sheep-like conservatives protested on Tax Day. Dressing up as phony "patriots" and "Indians," they dumped tea to complain about their loss of white privilege government spending and bailouts.

Here's how stupid these protests were:

A few protesters dressed up as Indians, presumably to emulate the faux Indians at the original Boston Tea Party. They looked even stupider than the other protesters.

If you can't read the text, the slogans say:

"On Warpath Against More Taxes!"
"Paleface Taxes Too High"
"Let Little Brave Keep Wampum"

These protesters are dressed in leathers and feathers like stereotypical Indians. Their slogans are blatant stereotypes. They're stupid in almost every way you can imagine."

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Rob Schmidt: Teabaggers misuse Indian imagery (Newspaper Rock 4/16)

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