Commentary: No to Ward Churchill reinstatement
"Ward Churchill has hurt Native American communities, Native American academics and Native American education. He has claimed to be someone he is not and used that as a platform to fuel his career. As Native American people, we have the right to say who is a member of our Tribes, our governments, our organizations and our peoples. He is not, has not been and the most he can claim is that in an act of generosity at one point the United Kootewah Band of Cherokee gave him an award which we call “honorary membership.” An award that he has used in completely unexpected and unprecedented ways to claim that he speaks on behalf of the Native American community as a Native American intellectual.

There is no doubt that his 9/11 article spurred on the investigation in Colorado. However, to many in the Native community this day was a long sought after day. Often when we raise concerns over those using our identity falsely (a very common phenomenon in this country by non-Indians), we are ignored. This is evidenced by all those who contacted CU and complained that Ward Churchill should be investigated prior to the 9/11 speech."

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Angelique EagleWoman: Commentary on Ward Churchill Reinstatement (Turtle Talk 4/20)

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