Lawsuit seeks distribution of Black Hills trust fund
A lawsuit in federal court seeks to force the distribution of the Black Hills trust fund to members of the Sioux Nation.

The Indian Claims Commission awarded money to the Sioux Nation for the loss of the sacred Black Hills in South Dakota. But the eight Sioux tribes refused to accept payment, saying they were duped during the land claim process.

The trust fund has grown to more than $900 million. Some tribal members want a share because they say the tribes will never be able to reclaim the Black Hills.

"They can sit and hope and pine away that the government is going to give the Black Hills back, but that is never going to happen," attorney Wanda L. Howey-Fox told the Associated Press.

But since the tribes refused the money, only Congress can distribute it, according to two others with knowledge of the issue. "To take the money would bless the theft," Charlotte Black Elk said.

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