Editorial: Political correctness and Columbus Day
"Meanwhile closer to home, at Brown University, it’s goodbye Columbus. This time it’s not the covering of religious symbols but the dropping of Columbus Day in favor of “Fall Weekend.” The measure was overwhelmingly supported by the Ivy League institution’s faculty. Providence City Councilman Nicholas Narducci issued a letter of protest to Brown University President Ruth J. Simmons on Wednesday, calling the move an attempt at "revisionist history." Even the Brown-educated Mayor of Providence, David Cicilline, objected to the university's decision because it diminished the accomplishments of an important historical figure for Italian-Americans. The mayor indicated that it was wrong for the university to "simply erase the celebration of an incredibly significant moment in world history and Italian-American culture for the sake of political correctness."

These recent events highlight the growing intolerance of sacred traditions by the intolerant secularist and increasingly hostile faculties that populate universities and colleges across the nation. In the case of Brown's ridiculous decision to kneel before the altar of political correctness and revise history and insult Italian-Americans it is hardly surprising. However, the case of Georgetown’s decision to eliminate Jesus at the behest of a radically pro-abortion president such as Barack Obama at an institution that touts itself as Catholic is particularly offensive as it smacks of the rigid political correctness so often found in secular universities."

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