Doug Cuthand: Indian life, in typical America fashion
"South of the border in Indian Country, things are happening as only they could in America.

Producers of the ABC show, Wife Swap, are looking for a Native American family. This popular reality show swaps mothers into homes with different cultures and values. The new mom lives with a family for two weeks and tries to adapt herself and change the family. The results range from hilarious to appalling, as some poor woman is placed in an environment foreign to her, with the public watching her melt-down.

The show is looking for a family that has two parents and at least one child between the ages of six and 18 living at home. The producers don't mention any kids from previous liaisons, the extended family members who are bound to show up, or the number of rez dogs the family may harbour. Someone could be in for a surprise.

Pity poor Robin Kills the Enemy, a Lakota woman from the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Facebook will not allow her to use her real name because it considers it a nickname. A message from Facebook stated, "If you would like to use this profile again, just get back to us with your real name and we will reactivate the account for you.""

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