Dave Narcomey: Mascots hurtful to Native people
"It is understood that schools, universities and professional teams use American Indian mascots to represent themselves as something to be proud of. We understand that fans wish to "honor" the native people, to show the school's "fighting spirit," etc.

Unfortunately, native people were never consulted about the use of American Indian mascots when they were created.

In the time when the mascots were created — the 1920s, '30s and '40s — the United States populace did not have a positive view of people of color.

And now many fans ask, "What is the big deal with American Indian sports team mascots?"

We must make clear that the use of American Indian sports team mascots is viewed by a majority of native people and organizations, and many non-Indian organizations, as demeaning, racist, dehumanizing, and that they lead to the harm of children. And they are considered by psychiatric experts as a contributory factor toward native kids attempting suicide."

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Dave Narcomey: Indian mascots hurtful to Native Americans (The Tulsa World 4/25)