Editorial: Indian students deserve fair treatment
"The Yurok Tribe has the distinction of being the largest American Indian group in the state of California, and several of the local tribes managed throughout history to maintain a grip on ancestral homelands -- not an easy feat considering the fate of most other tribes in the nation.

But while there is a proud native tradition on the North Coast, such a presence does come with challenges. Racism persists in some corners, and institutional barriers can and often do serve to hold these native populations back.

That's why we're encouraged by the recent steps taken by the Del Norte Unified School District, in an agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, to address disparities in the treatment and punishment of American Indian youth in their schools.

Under the agreement, the district will review and try to improve disciplinary procedures, and provide staff with the training necessary to understand and respond to cultural differences. Even more importantly, the district will strive to update its curriculum to include native history and culture."

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Editorial: Right steps taken by Del Norte district (The Eureka Times-Standard 5/6)