Editorial: Revisit fund started by Mohegan Tribe
"Call it a recession lesson: Less is better than nothing.

That's the case in Norwich, where the local stimulus package goes by the name Sachem Fund. Unfortunately, hard economic times are requiring a big reduction in the promised allotment.

The account, jointly funded by the Mohegan Tribe and city, will be only $100,000 this year, down from the promised $400,000. But the change does create the opportunity for leaders to fine-tune fund-spending priorities.

The Sachem Fund was the result of a good deed by the Mohegan Tribe. And in good faith the city matched the tribe's five-year offer. The intent of both sides was to spur economic development and cultural improvements in the city.

In hindsight, the vision was too broad. So thinly spread were early allocations that no substantive change resulted. Norwich would benefit by channeling all its Sachem funds to a single group, such as Rose City Renaissance. Money in its hands has great potential of boosting civic pride and re-energizing the city's downtown economic engine. Now everyone needs to climb on board."

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