Letter: Walker River Paiute Tribe wants lake back
"Walker Lake is owned by the State of Nevada. At this time, all American citizens can enjoy it for free.

Involved in Harry Reid's plans are the transfer of the sovereignty of the lake from all of us to the Walker River Paiute Tribe (WRPT). In 1906, they sold Walker Lake bed and banks and celebrated for a week because it was such a good deal. Now, somehow, they are assured they will be given not only bed and banks, but also the township of Walker Lake.

We, the residents, were informed the WRPT would "of course" charge us for the use of the lake and hadn't decided where we would pay our taxes. Loss of those taxes would be devastating to all of Mineral County. Loss of our sovereignty and property values would be devastating to us. Many of us can't afford to walk away, nor can we afford to pay the taxes on the view, location or water, which they are also suing for."

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Sandra Essenpreis: A precedent that should not be set (The Reno Gazette-Journal 5/8)