Opinion: Not all lobbyists are scum of the earth
"Jack Abramoff met with a Hollywood movie director a few weeks ago at his low-security prison. The director mentioned my name, and Abramoff said, "Emily Miller is the reason I am in here."

For over three years, Abramoff has told reporters and friends that I am to blame for his imprisonment. I do not know if he says this as a public relations maneuver or to rationalize his downfall to himself (i.e. It's not my fault, it's that crazy girl!)

Whatever his rationalization, it's just not true.The reason Jack Abramoff is in jail is that he broke many laws in his urgent greed for more money and power.

The result of the Abramoff scandal is that the public perceives that all lobbyists in Washington are the scum of the earth and all politicians are crooks, but that is not the case.

As the saying goes: some of my best friends are lobbyists - both Republicans and Democrats. They believe that they are honestly and fairly representing their clients' interests and their experience make the governing process more effective.

One prominent Democratic lobbyist, defending the profession, said that "99 percent of us are doing legitimate and honest work; one percent are the 'pay to play' types. Why punish the rest of us for the greed and criminals like Jack Abramoff?"

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