Navajo school kicks off 'Sheep is Life' event
Navajo Preparatory School in New Mexico is hosting this year's "Sheep is Life" celebration on the Navajo Nation.

Sheep were introduced to the Navajos more than 300 years ago. The tribe quickly made the animal a part of its culture, using sheep for food, clothing and art.

"They farmed, but they knew that if you had sheep, you always could eat, you always had fibers, you always had clothing, you always had shelter," Suzanne Jamison, a board member for Diné Be' Iiná, told The Farmington Daily Times. "You could trade it. You always had something to make a living from."

This is the 13th year that Diné Be' Iiná has hosted the "Sheep is Life" event. It runs through Friday.

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Navajo Prep event celebrates role of sheep in tribal culture (The Farmington Daily Times 6/16)