Opinion: Media ignores Native US Attorney firing
"Barack Obama, the first black President (discounting Bill Clinton), is getting ready to fire the first Native American ever to serve as a U.S. Attorney in the country's history.

Diane Humetewa, U.S. Attorney in Phoenix, was put in place by President George W. Bush. Humetewa replaced the fired Paul Charlton. Charlton was one of eight U.S. Attorney's fired by the Bush Administration. For some reason, the firings brought the ire of the democrats on Capitol Hill. It was the aforementioned Bill Clinton who fired all 93 U.S. Attorney's when he took office in 1993. Not a word of opposition was uttered at this unprecendented move.

Last week, President Obama fired the Inspector General overseeing the Americorps program. Gerald Walpin was removed from that position by Obama for daring to do his job.

And, so, for a liberal media that had a crazed obsession for seeking out corruption in the Bush Administration, i.e. the U.S. Attorney firings, they have taken little if any notice of this obvious political hachet job on the AmeriCorp IG.

Of course, there will be no mention whatsoever of Humetewa losing her position either."

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J. James Estrada: No-look media in Obama U.S. attorney firings (The Washington Examiner 6/16)

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