Opinion: Don't wait on an apology to Indian people
"Irene Eaves, great question, but don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology to Native Americans. Having ancestors of the Cherokee Tribe, I have never heard words of regret for how my ancestors were treated. The apology for slavery was long in coming. However, the African slaves were never treated as bad as Native Americans. Hitler’s treatment of the Jews was nowhere as terrible as the treatment Native Americans received from President Andrew Jackson, a man worse than Hitler. The Union army and all its officers were as heartless and cruel as their leader, President Jackson. Even the African slaves hated Native Americans, encouraged by their owners as people of no value and no soul.

My great grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee. I remember hearing stories told to her by her elders of the terrible inhumane, disgusting, demonic and heartless treatment my ancestors received. Anyone who does not know the plight of Native Americans and the “Trail of Tears” should educate themselves. Cherokee, N.C., has very informative information on the “Trail of Tears.” I am also a Christian and cannot understand how the Protestant and Catholic missionaries could even say they were Christians. They, too, treated Native Americans worse than dogs. Christians beat men, women and children into submission to worship a God they never got to know. Rather than love the people and treat them with respect, they considered them ignorant, lower than the white race and without souls.

The real facts are that Native Americans deserve more than an apology from the government. An apology doesn’t heal centuries of wounds, heartaches, shame and embarrassment, nor does it give back the dignity of a proud nation of people. A proud people who loved the land we lived on and respected the creator of this beautiful land. In this day and time, the unborn have become the new slave, a nonperson without a soul."

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Vincent de-Paul Bass: American Indians still waiting for apology (The Macon Telegraph 7/5)

Apology Resolution:
H.J.Res.46 | S.J.Res.14

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