Quileute Nation opens doors to 'Twilight' fans
The Quileute Nation of Washington is welcoming fans of the hugely popular "Twilight" franchise to the reservation.

The tribe hired a public relations company to answer questions related to the book and film series. Business is up 30 percent at the Oceanside Resort due to interest in Quileute culture and history.

"It's been huge for us," resort director Renee Rux told The New York Post.

The tribe was wary of getting involved, council member Anna Rose Counsell said. "This is a phenomenon that is happening whether we like it or not," she told the paper.

"Twilight" is based on Quileute history though there are some differences. The tribe's ancestors were changed from wolves to humans while the series allows its characters to become wolves again.

"This is our opportunity to educate people on Quileute history," Counsell said.

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