Editorial: Finally, good riddance to Ward Churchill
"Good riddance, Ward Churchill.

Let's hope Tuesday's ruling definitively ends the troubling, if not tedious, Churchill era at the University of Colorado.

A Denver District Court judge ruled Tuesday that CU doesn't have to give the fired ethnic studies professor his job back, even though a jury earlier this spring found he was fired partly in retaliation for a controversial essay. The university doesn't even have to give him a monetary settlement.

In his 42-page decision, Judge Larry Naves agreed with CU that Churchill's presence on campus would suggest that the university tolerates academic misconduct.

How could it not? Exhaustive reviews done by his peers found Churchill to be a plagiarist who also fabricated information.

Academic misconduct, not unpopular speech, did him in at CU. "

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Court Decision:
Churchill v. University of Colorado (July 7, 2009)

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