Gyasi Ross: Favorites of the corny Indian family
"I mentioned, previously, that my family is shamelessly corny. As such, my family has a tendency to sing along together, in the car, to Journey, Billy Ocean and Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration” (and of course, Michael Jackson. R.I.P.).

As a product of a corny family, one cannot necessarily blame me for gravitating toward a few weird songs myself. One such song is “My Favorite Things,” from “Swiss Family Robinson” or “Sound of Music” (or “Mary Poppins” or one of those horrible old movies with a bunch of nice white folks dancing off-beat and never being racist, power-hungry or sleeping in the same bed with each other).

Assuming that these dancing, non-racist white folks also purchase fireworks from my family’s fireworks stand, these would be my kind of white people, no doubt. Maybe that’s why I like the song?

In any event, the song, “My Favorite Things,” is essentially a list of some of the writer’s favorite things. Makes sense. And since I’ve been watching an obscene amount of bad movies the past few days in a hotel room where the bed does not vibrate, I’m somewhat bored. Therefore, in observance of my love of singing and dancing white people (Disney movies: white peoples’ pow-wows?) and movies, I have created a couple of lists of my own favorite things, along with a brief explanation of why they are my favorites."

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