Village hunters receive public funds for defense
Eight men from the Alaska Native village of Point Hope who have been charged with violating state hunting laws have each received $7,000 from the North Slope Borough.

The village asked the borough to support the men, who are accused of killing more than 100 caribou and leaving many to waste. All have pleaded not guilty and have defended their right to engage in subsistence hunting.

"I do know that I wanted to support them in any way that we could," North Slope Borough Mayor Edward Itta told The Anchorage Daily News. "My purpose is to defend our people in whatever wrong may be applied to them."

A date for the trial hasn't been set but it is expected to take place in Point Hope, where sympathy for the men in strong. Village leaders were critical of the state's investigation into the incident.

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Borough funds to help Point Hope defendants (The Anchorage Daily News 8/5)

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