Editorial: Land donation helps Code Talkers
"The legacy of the Navajo Code Talkers will be preserved in a museum and veterans center thanks in part to the donation of 208 acres of land from Chevron Mining Inc.

This is a valuable contribution to the history of the Navajo and our country.

The role these brave men played in World War II was vital to the success of American troops. Even more striking is the fact this elite group of Navajo Marines faced many challenges getting accepted into our nation's military during that time.

It is important that such acts of heroism and sacrifice be acknowledged and remembered so that future generations may follow the examples of their ancestors.

Chevron made the right decision to dedicate this land to the heritage of many of the company's employees: Some 95 percent of the McKinley Mine workers are Navajo."

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Editorial: Chevron makes good move with Code Talker donation (The Farmington Daily Times 8/14)

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