Patkotak: 'Losers' pick on Alaska Native man
"Probably the most pathetic thing about the recent attack on a Native street person here in Anchorage is that it really wasn't about racism per se. No, it was really about two losers who could only feel better about themselves if they found someone they could somehow feel superior to. In Alaska, our Native people are all too often the group these losers pick on when they have to find someone to make their sad little lives look better. So long as they can pretend there is someone lower on the social ladder, they believe they aren't the bottom of the barrel.

At least one of the two people who stand accused of the most recent racial attack in Anchorage seems to have already led a life of quiet desperation. Check out this quote from his Facebook page as related in a recent ADN story: "i love my mom to death and alwayz will no women will ever get in da way of dat and yes i have been in meny fihgtz for and over my mom.. oh and i been to jail for her," he wrote. "jus dont talk s--t to me and ill be good to you.. im a good person in heart and wont do you wrong if you dont do me wrong."

Sounds like Mr. Gum had less than an ideal childhood with a mom who was maybe not a June Cleaver clone.

The picture from Facebook of Mr. Gum and his cohort in hate Deanna Powers shows two people who pretty much personify the words "white trash." He's shirtless; they both look pretty ripped with their 40-ounce bottles of beer. They are making gang like signs that seem a fairly pathetic imitation of black gangsta culture. Yet somehow, I'm guessing because they are white, they feel superior to any Native in this state.

Yes, that is the ultimate definition of pathetic."

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Elise Patkotak: Racial attack came from the bottom up (The Anchorage Daily News 8/19)

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