Editorial: Find better homes for reservation dogs

"When The Desert Sun told the story of Pedro Ponce, the “Dog Man of Duroville,” and his one-man campaign to feed dozens of the dogs that roam the mobile home park in Thermal, Coachella Valley residents stepped up. As usual.

An estimated 700 wild dogs occupy the park on the Torres-Martinez Indian Reservation. Ponce feeds about 250 of them daily.

Several individuals and businesses donated more than 1,800 pounds of dry dog food, 20 cases of pouch food and 18 cases of dog biscuits.

Ponce was hailed as a hero in letters to the editor. The Desert Sun joins in that salute. No animal should go hungry.

But feeding the dogs does not solve the problem. They need to be spayed or neutered and they need to be adopted.

Any concentration of so many dogs poses a health problem and a physical problem for the residents of the park and the dogs."

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