Editorial: Racism still a problem in Farmington
"Trust is a tough thing to earn and although things are greatly improved, frankly speaking, the city of Farmington in its efforts to battle racism hasn't earned all the trust it still needs to earn.

The city's Community Relations Commission is trying to decide how to improve attendance and participation at its meetings in light of low turnouts and few complaints filed with the entity.

Likewise for the Navajo Nation and its commission under a similar mandate to hear and address charges and complaints of racial or other types of discrimination.

Observers who claim that race and diversity relations in Farmington are greatly improved from what existed in years past are correct; they are.

However those living in apathy, denial or ignorance would like to argue that there is no need for the Community Relations Commission or no need for special efforts by the city because there is no racism issue still in Farmington.

Nothing can be further from the truth."

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Editorial: No racism problems? That's simply denial (The Farmington Daily Times 9/13)

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