Gyasi Ross: Some wisdom from Homer Simpson

"Homer Simpson is my hero.

Well, “hero” might be a bit much – but let’s just say that there are certain things that I admire about Homer. Bald-headed or not, I can relate to him.

First off, I always appreciate a family man. Like me, he’s not that smart. Still, he’s smart enough to adore his wife, his kids and his dog. Now that’s a man that knows his priorities! Plus, Homer always managed to keep a job. Now maybe his job skills are slightly inadequate; nonetheless, he always manages to stay employed.

And where I’m from, getting a job is ridiculously difficult. Keeping the job is even harder. Keeping that job is like trying to keep Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife out of spandex. I mean, I wouldn’t try to keep her out of it – she’s a whole lot of woman!

But I digress. My point: Homer has a job. And he loves his family. Cool things.

Still, the thing that I admire most about Homer, believe it or not, is his beer-drinking ability. That is, Homer can come home, crack a Duff beer, and relax. Take the edge off the day, no big deal. He still loves his family after he drinks his beer, and he still gets up in the morning to do his job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

I always wished that I could do that. Seriously. I just think it’s cool.

The truth is, however, that I never saw “Homerish” drinking as a child. So I never drank even when I wanted to."

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