Opinion: Rancheria evictions and disenrollment
"As an advocate for the Robinson Rancheria membership that protests the leadership Nicholas Medina attempts to defend, I can first and foremost state that it is a sad attempt to instigate negativity in all directions “Medina: Tribe disputes eviction story,” Sunday, Sept. 13). He desires to discredit the editor, degrade the memberships’ complaints and put a spin on their efforts to evict those who simply oppose them.

Nick solely wants to demean our efforts for his belief that our tribal issues should stay in a tribal forum that he and his leadership control. They do not want to reveal the way the Robinson Rancheria tribal leadership treats their constituents.

Nicholas Medina attempts to justify the evictions of issues that were prevalent for quite some time, and now in the light of disenrollment; have become key points of leverage in an attempt to rid us from their sight and mind.

They intend to neutralize our efforts that will prove their lack of adherence to federal regulations, federal funding agencies, The Indian Reorganization Act, Civil Rights Act (U.S. and Indian) and tribal constitutional laws.

Instead of resolving our tribal disputes, he would much rather argue his points of interest, to avoid touching on the real problem that led to where we are now: the June 14, 2008k election, and Oct. 25, 2008, general council meeting.

He has argued those “moot” points before and does not want to touch on subjects that question their integrity, would reveal their intention to gerrymander tribal elections, and uncover all actions of their goal to disenfranchise membership for higher profits to their selves and few supporting parties."

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Eddie J. Crandell: A response to Medina's claims about tribal evictions (The Lake County News 9/17)

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