Editorial: Farmington should help Totah Festival
"After 21 years of introducing new American Indian artists to the public, the Totah Festival remains in its original location without much growth.

Festival founder Claudine Riddle believes there is a need for the festival to expand by allowing access to more artists and allowing for more space for the annual powwow that coincides with the art event.

We agree.

The Farmington Civic Center rooted the festival in Farmington, and it remains an ideal location, centrally located in downtown. However, the civic center is not large enough to accommodate more than 100 artists, which is exactly how many were invited to sell their wares at this year's Labor Day weekend event.

The quality of those artists is unsurpassed when it comes to American Indian art, and many travel from all of the Four Corners' states to participate. Unfortunately, because of space limitations it is difficult for the more than 10,000 visitors to get access to each booth. The area is cramped for both artists and spectators.

If a potential buyer is unable to access a booth, they might get frustrated and simply leave without spending money. This is counterproductive for a festival that is dedicated to promoting American Indian art."

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