Senate passes Native apology resolution
The Senate has passed S.J.Res.14, the Native apology resolution as part of H.R.3326, the fiscal year 2010 Defense appropriations bill.

The resolution apologizes to Native people for "official depredations and ill-conceived policies" of the federal government. It doesn't come with any money or authorize any claims against the United States.

“The Senate’s action today is a big step for the relationship between the federal government and Native Americans,” said Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas), the sponsor of the apology. “The resolution seeks reconciliation and offers an official apology to Native Americans for the hurtful choices the federal government made in the past. With this resolution we acknowledge previous failures and express sincere regrets.”

A similar version of the apology passed the Senate during the 110th Congress.

Apology Resolution:
H.J.Res.46 | S.J.Res.14

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