Editorial: Native voice missing from parole board
"In South Dakota, 8 percent of the population is Native American. However, 25 percent of the male prison population is Native.

Given that, the state's Parole Board lacks adequate representation of Native Americans who could provide irreplaceable insight as the board reviews cases.

Beyond the board's makeup, what's even more disturbing are comments by Gov. Mike Rounds implying that the quest to appointing qualified board candidates and Native Americans are somehow two different processes.

About 64,000 Native Americans live in South Dakota.

Please don't try to indicate that among 64,000 Native Americans, those who make appointments to the board can't find even one qualified to join Debra Flute, currently the only board member from Indian Country."

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Editorial: Parole Board short on Native voices (The Sioux Falls Argus Leader 11/3)