Editorial: Alaska Native mine benefits community
"Teck Alaska and NANA, the Native regional corporation, want to keep the Red Dog zinc and lead mine going for another 20 years.

They should get the permits to do so.

Federal and state agencies should have the permitting decisions made by the middle of December.

Red Dog -- one of the world's largest suppliers of zinc concentrate -- will play out in 2011 without opening up the Aqqaluk deposit. With Aqqaluk, Red Dog can operate until 2031, according to Jim Kulas, Teck's manager of environmental and public affairs.

Benefits for NANA, Northwest Alaska and the rest of the state are clear as well. As Teck's partner and the mine's landowner, NANA profits from the mine. The corporation's 25 percent share of profits totaled $212 million. The other 12 Native corporations shared $112 million of that."

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