Letter: Leave tribal businesses alone in New York
"Apparently, the state of New York doesn’t get it. If this state wants to keep and attract business and residents, then here’s the solution: cut taxes and fees. Otherwise, for New York State to continue charging obscene taxes and fees means Albany deserves to lose revenue to lower-price entities such as Indian tribal gas/tobacco stores, out-of-state purveyors and even Internet-based providers.

It’s very simple: People want a bargain, and will pursue it wherever it is to be found. If New York State, and the entities in it, want people to “stay home” and do business, then cut taxes and fees and watch that business start doing wonders.

I have no sympathy for the gas/cigarette stores away from the tribe who “cry poor” because people choose the Indian places over them. If they would cut their prices to comparable levels, they’d get more business."

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Lloyd A. Marshall Jr.: New York must cut, not raise taxes, fees (The Buffalo News 11/15)

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