Interview: Amanda Blackhorse, 'Redskins' plaintiff
Above The Law, a blog that focus on the legal industry, interviewed Amanda Blackhorse, a member of the Navajo Nation who is the lead plaintiff in a new complaint against the trademarks of the Washington Redskins.

Blackhorse, 27, and other young Native Americans say the trademarks are offensive to Native people. They want the United States Patent and Trademark Office to cancel the marks.

"In 2005, my friends and I decided to protest at a Redskins - Kansas Chiefs game in Kansas City," Blackhorse told ATL. "I was shocked to see the way people thought we were. They didn’t consider us human beings. People threw beers at us, told us to go home, yelled racial slurs. After that, I knew I needed to do something."

The Blackhorse case follows in the footsteps of Harjo v. Pro-Football. The federal courts ruled that the plaintiffs, led by Suzan Shown Harjo, waited too long to bring their challenge.

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