Letters: Readers respond to Cherokee poverty opinion
An October 23 opinion piece about poverty by Cherokee Phoenix staff writer apparently touched a chord within the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. Here's a sampling of some of the responses.

Former council member John A. Ketcher: "If our people are still living the conditions of 70 to 80 years ago, we are not doing a better job than the Bureau of Indian Affairs was when we promised the U.S. Congress we could."

Ramona Williams: "I have family members in poor financial circumstances, and I help when I can but much more needs to be done for all of those who live in dire conditions. I believe the answer is for the poorer full-blood class to be able to participate in the decision-making process."

Jim Downing: "It is a shame that any tribal citizen should go without any needs. Where is all that money the Cherokee Nation gets? If it’s not for the Cherokees, who for then?"

Holly S. Rosser: ""It seems Mr. Chavez invokes a paternalistic or racist argument that “full bloods can’t help themselves so some one else needs to help them.” I have heard some of Cherokee Nation’s elected officials talk about our “poor full bloods,” and I take offense. Most of the full bloods I know do not ask for help from the governments of the United States, Oklahoma or CN. They show up to work on time, prepared and with a good attitude."

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