Aquash murder defendant wants separate trial again
Richard Marshall, a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe of South Dakota, is again asking for a separate trial for the murder of American Indian Movement activist Anna Mae Pictou Aquash.

Marshall was indicted in federal court at the same time as John Graham, a Native man from Canada. They are accused of killing Aquash on the Pine Ridge Reservation in December 1975.

The case against Graham has moved to state court because he isn't a member of a federally recognized tribe. But Marshall has been in federal custody for more than 15 months and has yet to go to trial.

Marshall has made four requests for a separate trial, The Rapid City Journal reported.

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Marshall files fourth severance request in AIM murder case (The Rapid City Journal 12/2)

8th Circuit Decision:
US v. Graham (July 28, 2009)

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