Golden Pen Letter: Youth offer hope in Indian Country
"Poverty is an epidemic that has hit the core in Indian Country. We have fought and pushed so many times to end this plague on our lands. Our economic engine has to change. We cannot rely on what the government has to offer, but what we have to offer. In Indian Country we have hardworking individuals willing to take on any task to provide for their family. We expect the worst out of anything. We doom ourselves to fail.

How do we expect a positive outcome when all we ever talk about is failure? I know that our people will prosper in the time when nothing seems to be working, like now, with the United States economy in shambles. We will rise to the occasion and bring our nation, our Indian nation, out of poverty and into the working class. We will place ourselves on our road to recovery by telling our youth to start taking education seriously and encourage them to strive towards excellence within their own lives. The generation of doers for Indian country is in the classrooms, on the basketball court wanting something better."

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Sidney Fox: Youth offer hope in Indian Country (The Billings Gazette 2/22)