Opinion: Paid press for Citizen Potawatomi Nation
"Imagine you are the President of the United States. Then imagine that you've been President for 24 years, having been elected 8 separate times for 4 year terms, and with no term limitations. And, this being 2009, you're up for re-election again.

Now imagine that there is a monthly newspaper called the "American People's Newpaper" that informs the public of anything important they need to know about government, politics, services, financials, and generally letting the public know how we as a Nation are doing. It has news, articles, Letters to the Editor, Obits, photos, human interest stories and election reporting. A newspaper that is paid for by American taxes, mailed out by American taxpayer funds.

Now imagine that you personally own/operate/edit that newspaper yourself! What could go wrong with that?

This is exactly what the Citizen Potawatomi Nation is faced with during the 2009 elections, where the Chairman John "Rocky" Barrett's position(equivalent-president) and 4 legislative seats are up for vote.

Citizen Potawatomi Nation is the ninth largest tribe in the United States. It owns/operates the FireLake Casino, the FireLake Grand Casino, FireLake Golf Course, First National Bank and Trust, a mini-putt course, a grocery store, several restaurants, and other various ventures and land. It's enterprises bring in millions of dollars a year.

It also has a tribal newspaper, called the HowNiKan, which is described on the CPN official website as "Redesigned recently, the HowNiKan is the Nation's voice. Informing tribal members about advances in services, delivery and accomplishments by tribal members and the Nation itself." On the official website it is listed under the heading of 'services' provided by the CPN to it's enrolled members.

What could be wrong with that?"

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