Court revives suit over IHS contract costs
The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has given tribes and Alaska Natives another opportunity to pursue their contract support cost case against the IIndian Health Service.

Tribes and Alaska Natives enter into agreements to take over programs from the IHS. But the agency has failed to pay all of the costs associated with the contracts despite a 2005 ruling from U.S. Supreme Court.

The dispute costs tribes and Alaska Natives millions of dollars. The Arctic Slope Native Association of Alaska wasn't paid for $2 million in contract support costs while the Metlakatla Indian Community of Alaska was out about $1 million.

Attorney Lloyd Miller said the Federal Circuit ruling affects about 18 claims before Civilian Board of Contract Appeals. He said the tribes and Alaska Natives were underpaid about $20 million.

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Court decision could be worth millions (The Arctic Sounder 10/8)

Federal Circuit Decision:
Arctic Slope Native Association, Ltd. v. Secretary of Health and Human Services (September 29, 2009)

Oral Arguments:
Arctic Slope Native Assoc v HHS (July 6, 2009)

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