Editorial: Alaska Native lawmaker owes public apology
"The Legislative Ethics Committee has told Sen. Albert Kookesh to write a letter of public apology to the city of Craig. The committee even told him how to write it and what to leave out, and to include a pledge that he'll never again "imply" the use of his senatorial power to get his way before the Craig City Council or any other organization.

Sen. Kookesh spoke to the council in January to seek its support for a land claim by the Sealaska Corp. The senator is also a director of Sealaska. What he said prompted ethics complaints from the former mayor and one other citizen. No wonder. Here's what he said:

"I am the state senator that represents Craig. I'm not a vindictive person. I see you're going to have your 2010 capital projects on the table here tonight. And who's it going to go to? It's going to go to me. And to (Rep.) Bill Thomas, who is also a Sealaska board member. We have to be good neighbors.

"There are times you are going to need my help and Bill Thomas' help. And this is a time we need yours."

That's a threat."

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