Opinion: Wampanoag leaders speak with forked tongue

"My satiric headline is a paraphrase of the phrase from a thousand western movies of our unenlightened past, always spoken in the films by a Native American after being betrayed by the 6th Cavalry or other palefaces, "White man speak with forked tongue."

I believe it is Cedric Cromwell and Cheryl Andrews-Mathias who "speak with forked tongue" today, and in doing so have turned most of their "palefaced" neighbors against them.

A few years ago we and others were urging their recognition, and then joyous when some of the tribe's horrible past was being addressed and remedied.

Now we feel antipathy and contempt for their lies and deceits.

I do not believe that either of these two well-educated and worldly Mashpee tribal leaders believe the fraudulent cow manure they have been shoveling to the press.

These are learned professionals with years of experience in the private sector.

They know, as everyone else on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard knows, that our local Native Americans never gathered at a Mashpee beach to worship the sunrise."

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Walter Brooks: Red man speak with forked tongue (Cape Cod Today 3/8)

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