Standing Rock Sioux Tribe pushed on 'Fighting Sioux' vote
A petition asks the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to schedule a referendum on the controversial "Fighting Sioux" nickname and logo of the University of North Dakota.

Supporters of the name turned in 1,004 signatures on the petition. They are confident the tribe will call a vote on the issue.

"The council will consider that more than 1,000 members want their fair shake on this," Archie Fool Bear told The Grand Forks Herald.

Members of the Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation have voted to support the name. The tribal council passed a resolution that says UND can use the "Sioux" name in perpetuity.

UND agreed to eliminate the "Sioux" name unless it could get the support of both tribes by November 2010. The North Dakota Board of Higher Education might take action sooner.

Separately, members of the Spirit Lake Tribe are in court to prevent the board from taking action before the November deadline. They want the board to give the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe enough time to consider the issue.

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