Robinson Rancheria cites BIA approval of disenrollments
The Robinson Rancheria of Pomo Indians said the Bureau of Indian Affairs upheld the disenrollment of 45 people.

Last December, the tribal council removed the late Marie Boggs Quitiquit from the rolls. That led to the removal of her descendants and relatives, who filed appeals with the BIA.

The Pacific Regional Director of the BIA sided with the tribe, according to Chair Tracey Avila. "In upholding the Tribal Council's decision to disenroll the 45 people, the regional director also recognized that the disenrollment process was done fairly and in accordance with the requirements of both tribal and federal law," Avila said. "The tribe provided those who were disenrolled with due process by giving them notice of the disenrollment and an opportunity to challenge the decision."

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Disenrollment decision upheld (The Lake County Record-Bee 4/16)

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