MPR: Great Anishinaabe Fish-Off still planned in Minnesota
"White Earth Indian Reservation, Minn. — Some members from the White Earth Band of Ojibwe still intend to demonstrate their off-reservation fishing rights, despite efforts by tribal government leaders from the White Earth and Leech Lake bands to discourage a treaty rights demonstration.

Organizers of the Great Anishinaabe Fish-Off call for tribal members to violate state law by fishing in several northern lakes prior to the state walleye fishing opener on May 15th.

"It's our inherent right to hunt, fish and gather -- to survive off the land," said Boone Wadena, a member of the White Earth Band. "That's the way I was raised and that's what I'm passing down to my kids and my grandkids."

For Wadena, the treaties his ancestors signed with the U.S. government are such a passion that he keeps a briefcase full of family history and photo-copied documents relating to a treaty signed in 1855. He said he's directly related to one of the chiefs who signed that treaty between northern Ojibwe bands and the U.S. government.

Wadena claims that even though the treaty sold off a large section of northern Minnesota to the U.S. government, his ancestors never gave up the right to live off that land. "

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Band members continue plans to assert tribal rights with protest (Minnesota Public Radio 5/4)

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