Crow Reservation man pleads in fatal drunk driving accident
A 19-year-old man from the Crow Reservation in Montana pleaded guilty in connection with a drunk-driving accident that left one person dead and another permanently paralyzed.

Jeremy Flatmouth admitted he was driving drunk when his car went over a cliff on August 8, 2009. Joshua Yarlott-Old Bull, 19, died at the scene. Another youth, who was 17 at the time, was permanently paralyzed below his mid-torso, The Billings Gazette reported.

Two other passengers, Marsha Bearclaw, 19, and Davetta Walksalong, 18, were treated for injuries and later released. Flatmouth, whose blood alcohol level was 0.27 percent, also suffered injuries.

Flatmouth will reportedly serve 30 years in state prison for pleading guilty to two felony charges and two misdemeanors. Five years of the sentence will be suspended.

The incident took place off the reservation. All the youths involved appear to be Crow tribal members.

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