Pala Band continues battle against landfill near reservation
Leaders of the Pala Band of Mission Indians of California spoke out against a proposed landfill near the reservation.

The tribe says the landfill will destroy Gregory Canyon, a sacred site. “If built, it would desecrate Gregory Mountain and other areas considered sacred by the Luiseño people," Chairman Robert Smith said at a public hearing, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

“Because (the mountain) is there, we know we have a place to serve and pray to God. If it’s destroyed and a landfill is built there, you wipe that all away," added Vice Chairman Leroy Miranda, the paper reported.

The tribe and others in the area are also worried about pollution in the San Luis Rey River. They are hoping to convince the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to reject a water permit for the project.

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Gregory Canyon landfill foes turn out in force (The San Diego Union-Tribune 6/4)
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